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Warnings about financial scams

Recently, we have become aware of financial scams fraudulently using the CoinMineShop name, logo, employee names, website content, etc. We urge you to be aware of such schemes, review the information below, and independently verify who you’re communicating with.

Fraudulent websites

We have encountered websites fraudulently misusing our brand or associating with our company. These websites are designed to draw you into providing personal information or engaging in financial transactions, particularly involving cryptocurrency or cryptomining.

Hoax emails (phishing) with escrow scams

These hoax emails use the CoinMineShop name and may contain links to a website purported to be a CoinMineShop website. The emails may suggest that CoinMineShop will serve as an escrow provider in a cryptocurrency transaction. By clicking on a link in the email, you are taken to a website that appears to be a genuine CoinMineShop website (but is not), and requested to enter data in an attempt to fraudulently obtain your personal information and/or cryptocurrency. Please note that CoinMineShop does not provide any sort of escrow service.

Cons claiming to “Double your money”

Recently the accounts or likenesses of public figures, organizations, and financial institutions have been impersonated or compromised to solicit payments to cryptocurrency accounts. They sometimes claim funds sent to a wallet address will be doubled and returned to the sender. If you receive or encounter one of these solicitations, it’s critical to independently verify the authenticity of the source and claims before sending money or providing personal or confidential information. Neither CoinMineShop nor any employee of CoinMineShop (including Michael Novogratz) makes public solicitations to send cryptocurrency to any account. If you see such solicitations, this is an attempt to defraud you. Please report it to your local authorities and .

Phony cryptocurrency mining services

Unauthorized websites and fraudulent communications (e.g. on social media) may have been used to offer services related to cryptocurrency mining. Please utilize our formally published contact information to independently verify the source of all official company business.

Spoofed unauthorized emails

Emails from unauthorized sources specifying the from: as have been reported to us. These emails fail the sender validation check SPF (sender policy framework) and are not from CoinMineShop. Using an email system that honors SPF is highly recommended. Additionally, when receiving an email the SPF status can typically be confirmed via email headers.

Imposters on social media and decentralized chat systems

A variety of free and decentralized chat systems are popular in the cryptocurrency industry, but proceed with caution. We’ve encountered fake identities and associations with CoinMineShop on many platforms. We recommend that you separately and independently verify who you’re communicating with.

Authentic CoinMineShop websites and email communications

CoinMineShop website’s address and e-mail source address (the sender, “From:”) is . When you hover over a link in email application or a web browser, a small window usually pops up with the true destination. If the real link doesn’t match the sender or does not match what you expect, assume it is fraudulent and do not click it. Automated emails may come from . This subdomain is not used for individual, person-to-person email communication.

If you think you’ve received a suspicious email or communication, but you haven’t acted on it, please forward it to .

If you think you’ve discovered a fake CoinMineShop related website or online identity, please report it to .

Contacting CoinMineShop

Contact information is provided at and on some of our other website pages.

Additional resources on phishing and how to avoid it (list last updated Aug 25, 2021):

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