The year long gone would be remembered by everyone across the globe for all different reasons. Not only because of the pandemic but also for the other business developments that happened throughout the year. True that a few businesses suffered a huge loss, yet there were many that outgrew the expectations. Investments in shares were at the crossroads where the early months saw a drastic decline with a sharp rise towards the end.

Following a similar trend, CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING caught the attention of Bitcoin minors. During the initial months of 2020 it was believed that the crypto mining boom was a thing of the path. But to everyone’s surprise, NASDAQ registered companies clarified all doubts, showing their interest in bitcoin mining. As prices grew, the extent of mining increased, thereby creating a growth pattern.

To talk about the same, the selling price of Bitcoin stood at 10 grand in the summer. Presently, you cannot get the currency at less than double the above. What’s more intriguing is the fact that a similar notion clouded Altcoins as well. The price of Ether and Litecoin increased nearly three times what it was six months ago.

Experts are of the view that the BITCOIN PRICE MIGHT CROSS $25K IN 2021, and when it does, it mustn’t come to us as a surprise. To add to this, we believe with increasing prices, the demand for cryptocurrency mining hardware will also rise.

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